Pokemon Detective Pikachu

4 Paws

"Pokemon Detective Pikachu" was much better than we expected.   It's the story of a young man named "Tim Goodman" played by Justice Smith who ventured to "Ryme City" when his father went missing.   

The thing that was really cool about "Ryme City" was that everyone had a Pokemon.  Tim did not have one when he got there.   When he did his father's Pokemon  "Pikachu" became his.  Through a series of incidents Tim uncovered a major deception involving "Mew Two", was a pretty awesome cat, voiced by Rina Hoshina.    His main ally was "Lucy" played by Kathryn Newton.  Her Pokemon  "Psyduck" was crazy.  

The movie had some complicated parts but it ended pretty good.  I wish the world had Pokemon's in it.  It's a bit unrealistic but it was a cool view in this movie.                          Pokemon Detective Pikachu is worth a look!!


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Pokemon  Detective Pikachu

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