The Hustle

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"The Hustle" is a new movie based on some old movies including "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" which starred Michael Caine and Steve Martin.   The new movie  "The Hustle" stars Anne Hathaway as "Josephine Chesterfield" a very successful con artist who on a train runs into "Penny" played by Rebel Wilson , who conned a passenger out of paying for her dinner.   From then Josephine reluctantly takes Penny under her wing.   

The movie really didn't work.  The reason I thought so was that Rebel Wilson plays the same character again and again.   As for Anne Hathaway, 2019 has not been a kind year to her.  "Serenity" was not good and failed to break 11 Million Dollars in total box office.   "The Hustle" is doing slighty better at 33 Million but "The Intern" almost made 200 Million in 2015 so things have not been going up hill lately.   

This movie did not have much of a plot and the chemistry between Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway was not there. The locations were interesting but there wasn't much there.           

If you like Anne Hathaway I would skip this movie and wait for her next movie .   There is an untitled project that also stars Bill Pullman and Mark Ruffalo and is directed by Todd Haynes.

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The Hustle

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