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Sometimes a super hero franchise moves on to some new great levels.   Take the new Spiderman.  Tom Holland, is probably the youngest Spiderman but he adds a great spin to the character especially when he converses with Tony Stark, his mentor.    I think the next "Spiderman - Far From Home" is going to be great because it adds some great new characters to the cast including "Nick Fury" played by Samuel L. Jackson and Jake Gyllenthal as "Mysterio".   

"Dark Phoenix" is another story.  I know the current version of the X Men series is kind of a prequel to the "Wolverine/Logan" version of the series.   This version just doesn't cut it.  I mean you have some great actors like James McAlvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender and newcomer Jessica Chastain but the story is just plain weird.   It also doesn't cover any new ground from the other X Men movies.

This movie focuses on "Jean Grey" and her insane talents.   The X Men start as heroes saving The Space Shuttle.  Then when Jean experiences a solar flare it totally messes up her powers.  Also joining the scene are some bizarre that parade as humans.  As "Vuk" Jessica Chastain is a platinum blonde.  Her character finds the humans in her backyard after dog was barking.  They never showed it but I think the dog was killed.

The movie showed how strong Jean became hurting such touch characters as "Magneto".  She even tortured Professor Charles Xavier played by James McAlvoy.   The movie really didn't cover any new ground and Jean ended her life in a way similar to how Famke Janssen's version of Jean died in the original X Men series. 

If you like X Men you will enjoy it but really it's more of the same.  I honestly think this series should be over.  Nothing new.

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Dark Phoenix

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