Men In Black International

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"The Men In Black" hit the theatres in 1997.  "Men In Black 2" arrived in 2002 and "Men In Black 3" in 2012.  Well seven years later "Men In Black International" has hit the theatres.  This time round "Tommy Lee Jones" and "Will Smith" were not included in the cast which I think is a good thing.   

 "Men  In Black International" features Tessa Thompson as "Agent M" .  She discovered the organization when her parents were neuralized  and she wasn't.  When she broke into the New York Headquarters  "Agent O" played by Emma Thompson decided to give her a chance. 

Be assigned to London "Agent M" encountered "High T" played by Liam Neeson and  superstar"Agent H" played by Chris Hemsworth.   Their goal was to take care of "The Hive".  This alien supernatural took human form and destroyed everything they touched.   

Joining "Agent's M and  H" in the fight was "Agent C" played by Rafe Spall .  It was nice to see him in a good guy role.   He usually plays villians.    T

The movie was really alot of fun.  Much better than some of the other movies.  The chemistry between Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth was fun to watch.  I mean they are used to working together since it was the third movie they worked together starting with "Thor-Ragnorok" then "Avengers End Game" and now "Men In Black International".   

I really liked the aliens in the movie.  This movie was alot fun.  

  • Runtime: 114 Minutes
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Men In Black International

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