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"Toy Story 4" is the supposed to be the last installment of the "Toy Story" series.   The movies have done a great job showing how the toys have survived so long.   The movies features "Woody" voiced by Tom Hanks and his former nemesis and now good friend, "Buzz Lightyear"  voiced by Tim Allen.   

In the first movies the toys belonged to "Andy", their first owner.  Everything changed in the second movie "Woody" was kidnapped by a collector.  The third movie Andy went off to college and toys mistakenly ended up a daycare center.  Eventually everyone ended with a little girl named "Bonnie" voiced by Madeleine McGraw.     

In "Toy Story 4" Bonnie has replaced "Woody" being her favorite and has favored other toys including "Jessie" voiced by Joan Cusack.  While in kindergarten "Bonnie" created "Forky", a spork she made into a toy with pipe cleaners and playdough voiced by "Tony Hale".  "Forky" instantly became Bonnie's favorite toy.   She still played with "Trixie" voiced by Bonnie Hunt and "Dolly" voiced by Kristen Schaal,     

While on a camping trip "Forky" escaped from the RV.  "Woody" followed him.   While they were walking back to the campgrounds "Woody" noticed a lamp in an antiques window that at onetime housed his friend "Bo Peep" voiced by Annie Potts. 

"Woody" and "Forky" snuck into the store where they encountered the evil "Gabby Gabby" voiced by Christina Hendricks and her evil henchmen who captured them and didn't let them leave the store.     

The movie had many plots including "Woody" encountering "Bo Peep" again and getting "Forky" back to "Bonnie".   It was really a great movie with a wonderful story.   

The ending of was unexpected and a delight.  Even if you didn't like some of the old "Toy Story" movies "Toy Story 4" is worth a look.

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Toy Story 4

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