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"Annabelle Comes Home" is the third movie of a trilogy that started with the first "Annabelle" which came out in 2014.   Then there was "Annabelle Creation" in 2017 and in 2019 "Annabelle Comes Home" hit the screen.    It's a very weird movie about this totally creepy doll that is pure evil. 

 In "Annabelle Comes Home" takes place in the home of "Lorraine and Ed Warren" played by  Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.  The movie starts with the Warren's bringing "Annabelle" home.  A priest blessed the case and the doll.   

They head out of town and leave "Mary Ellen" played by Madison Iseman to take care of "Judy Warren" played by McKenna Grace.  Her friend "Daniela  Rios" played by Katie Sarife also hangs out at the house.   

While everyone was at the house "Annabelle" is let out of her case and hell breaks out.  The collection the Warren's have collected all came to life.  It was pretty crazy.   The movie had many crazy ups and downs and really creepy.   

If you like scary movies "Annabelle Comes Home" will not disappoint.


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Annabelle Comes Home

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