The Lion King

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"The Lion King" is the second Disney movie that came out this year based on an animated favorite.  Recently "Aladdin" opened .  And now  "The Lion King" has  hit the screens.

"The Lion King" is based on the classic movie.  But I must admit the new version was wonderful.  I know I am a cat so I do admit I would obviously like because it deals with cats.  "Lions" not house cats but there you go.

The movie starts with one of the biggest songs "The Circle of Life" showing an entire animal kingdom awaiting the birth of "Simba" to proud parents "Mufasa" voiced by James Earl Jones and "Sarabi" voiced by Alfre Woodward.  "Simba" was voiced by JD  McCrary as a child.    James Earl Jones voiced "Mufasa' in the original animated movie.

Not everyone in the prideland was under Simba's spell.  "Scar", the King's Brother was banned from the Kingdom when he tried to take the throne from Malfasa..

Simba had a talent for getting into trouble.  "Zazu" a bird voiced by John Oliver looked after him.  Shahadi Wright Joseph voiced a young"Nala" who was his favorite pal.   They got into trouble which angered Malfasa.   

When "Simba" witnessed  his Father's death  "Scar" made him leave the kingdom.   While exiled "Simba" made friends with a wart hog named "Pumbaa" voiced by Seth Rogen and "Timon" voiced by Billy Eichner.  They lived in a beautiful paradise.   Everything was going well until a full grown "Nala" voiced by Beyonce  Knowles-Carter stumbled into Simba's life.   By this time "Simba" was full grown and voiced by "Donald Glover".   

The movie showed how "Simba" went back to the Prideland and take "Scar" on.   The animation was adorable.  The story was wonderful too.     

If you enjoy movies with a good heart.  Check out The Lion King



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The Lion King

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