Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has been touted as Quentin Tarantino's finest work.  Really?  I will be honest Mom had me watch some of his previous movies.  Personally I thought "Inglorious Bastards" was a better movie.  It also starred Brad Pitt but this one was so so.

The movie took place in 1969.   Brad Pitt stars a former stuntman "Cliff Booth" who now is the body guard and personal assistant for B movie actor, "Rick Dalton" played by Leonardo DeCaprio.  Rick happens to live next store to hot Hollywood film director,  'Roman Polanski" played by Rafal Zawierucha and his wife, actress "Sharon Tate" played by Margot Robbie.  Mom said eventually Sharon  and her host guest  "Jay Sebring" played by Emile Hirsch were eventually murdered by madman , "Charles Manson".  This is movie is a prequel to the event.

I am the first to admit that I am not a cat that likes violence and this movie was full of it.  Alot of unnecessary killings took place in the movie.  It was brutal.   The story itself was so violent it was very hard to watch.   

I personally think the movie tried to hard.  Quentin Tarantino usually cast very well.   There were alot unknowns in the cast  who weren't bad but it was such a strange story that I didn't think the movie made much sense.   

If you like Quentin Tarantino movies you will like this one. but if not I would walk away.  Hobbs and Shaw is  not bad!!

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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