The Fast and The Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw

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"The Fast and The Furious" grew from just another action movie to one of the top grossing film series in the world.making just round 3 billion dollars to date.  That's a big number. 

The original cast included Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, The Late Paul Walker and Ludacris.  Joining the cast later was Jason Statham, former MI6 operative "Shaw".   Dwayne Johnson plays ex-CIA operative, Hobbs.    Both are now renegades working for themselves.   

In  the "Fast and Furious presents Hobbs and Shaw"  our two anti-heroes team up when a mysterious virus that could infect the world if unleashed fell into the hands of  "Hattie" an MI6 agent.  Pursuing her for the virus is "Brixton" played by Idris Elba.  He was actually killed by Shaw and then an evil private organization turned him into a half human, half cyborg type of creature.  His goal in life was the capture the virus.    The action scenes were interesting 

The movie had some great action sequences and the story was interesting.   If you enjoy action movies,  "The Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw" won't disappoint. 

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 136 Minutes
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The Fast and The Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw

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