The Art of Racing In The Rain

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In this world of movies where is a remake or a sequel hitting you every other minute  Mom and I think it is refreshing when an original movie comes out and set's itself apart from the rest.  "The Art of Racing In The Rain" is one of those movies.

The movie stars Milo Ventimiglia as "Denny", an aspiring race car driver.  His life changes when he goes to a farm and adopts a puppy who he names "Enzo", voiced by Kevin Costner,  after "Enzo Ferrari", one of the creators of the "Ferrari" automobile.   Denny takes Enzo to the races and he becomes a major part of Denny's life.   

Along the way Denny meets "Eve", played by Amanda Seyfried and they start building a life together which included getting married and adding a daughter named "Zoe" played by Ryan Kiera Armstrong .   

The movie has many ups and downs and through it all "Enzo" stays by Denny's side.   Enzo's commentary about things in Denny's life is really funny.  For example Enzo calls Eve's parents, played by Kathy Baker and Martin Donovan, The Twins because they dressed alike.  They weren't Enzo's favorites because of Eve's father's dislike of Denny.   

The movie had some sad moments but the ending was amazing and not like anything you would expect in the movies.  I personally think "Enzo" should have been a cat but that's just me.   

If you want to see a very inspiring movie, please check out "The Art Of Racing In The Rain".   It is an amazing movie.

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The Art of Racing In The Rain

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