The Kitchen

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"The Kitchen" is a movie that surprized me.  The movie featured two actresses, Tiffany Hadish and Melissa McCarthy that usually do comedies.   "The Kitchen" is takes place in the 1970's in the neighborhood of "Hells Kitchen" in New York City. 

Melissa McCarthy plays "Kathy Brennan".   Kathy was a mother who's husband "Jimmy" played by Brian d'Arcy James was sent to prison for a crime leaving Kathy to fend for herself.  Also joining "Jimmy" in the slammer were  "Rob Walsh" played by Jeremy Bobb who was married to "Claire" played by Elizabeth Moss.   Rob constantly beat up "Claire".  The last man sent to the slammer was "Kevin O Carroll" who was played by James Badge Dale.  His wife was "Ruby" played by Tiffany Haddish.  

The three ladies were supposed to taken care by the mob, but when their monthly allowance ended being small, they decided to take matters into their own hand.  When Kathy discovered the clients being service by the mob their husband worked for they started their own organization.  

The women had to deal with alot of crap but thanks in particular to Kathy's and Ruby's toughness it all came together.  They each had obstacles to deal with.  Ruby had a tough Mother In Law "Helen O Carroll" played by veteran actress  Margo Martindale.   Kathy had to deal with her father "Larry" played by Wayne Duvall who didn't approve of her new business.

The movie was very tough movie but it was good.  The ending had a very cool ending.  If you want to see a gritty drama , check out "The Kitchen". 


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Runtime: 102 Minutes
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The Kitchen

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