47 Meters Down Uncaged

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"47 Meters Down Uncaged" is yet another movie about horrible wild creatures ending up in water and putting it's stars in peril.  There have been so many of these movies.   Some that were good like "The Shallows" starring Blake Lively. 

Then there were some stupid ones like "Crawl" which just came out and was pretty stupid.  I mean Mom thought logistically the movie didn't make sense the alligators attacked it's prey in the basement of the house.  Because Florida is at sea level most homes do not have basements.  Check our review of the movie.     

"47 Meters Down Uncaged" is the sequel of "47 Meters Down",  That movie featured a totally different cast of characters so you don't need to see it to look at this movie.   This movie featured "Grant" played by John Corbett , a sea researcher who lived in a tropical paradise with his daughter "Mia" played by Sophie Neisse, his new wife "Jennifer " played by Nia Long and her daughter "Sasha" played by  Corinne Foxx.   

Mia and Sasha did not get along too well as step sister.  When Grant bought tickets for Mia and Sasha to go on a Great White Shark guided tour Sasha's friends showed up and the girls decided to dive in a remote location.  This is where the fun began.

When the girls when diving in a cave of Mayan Ruins.   They discovered the gave was full of Great White Sharks.   Personally when I looked at the sharks they looked blind because the water by the ruins was totally dark but they were scared just the same.

The movie was very predictable and kind of stupid.  I mean the reason the girls went there was pretty stupid.  The sharks came out of nowhere.   

It's not that the movie wasn't scary,  It was just very predictable.   If you like horror movies that take place in the water you will like "47 Meters Down". 

If you want to see a better movie with a better story that also involves sharks check out "The Shallows".

  • Genre: Horror
  • Runtime: 89 MInutes
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47 Meters Down Uncaged

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