Blinded By The Light

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"Blinded By The Light" was a movie based on a true story.  The movie featured newcomer Viveik Kalra as "Javed", Pakistani resident of the town of Luton, which is located about an hour outside of London.   He was the only son in a family of three.  The head of the household was his father "Malik" played by Kulvinder Ghir.   His Dad took all of the money he earned at this job and was very tough on him and his two sisters. 

His Mother, "Noor" played by Meera Ganatra, worked very hard as a seamstress in their living room to put food on their table.  "Javed" loved to write.  His best friend was "Matt" who lived next store and also was in a band and totally in to all of the pop songs in the UK.  He even looked like Boy George a bit.

Javed's life seemed to be going nowhere until his friend, "Roops" played by Aaron Phagura introduced him to "The Boss" , Bruce Springsteen.   From hearing the first songs from Bruce Springsteen Javed's life had changed.   

The movie was directed by Gurinder Chadha, who amongst other movies directed "Bend It Like Beckham".  Unlike "Bend It Like Beckham" the England she showed in this movie was a working class, almost poor Britain.  The movie also showed how the Pakistani people were persecuted by some of the English citizens who didn't like foreigners living in their land.  

"Javed" transformed in the movie before our eyes.  From looking like an awkward teenager to a pretty cool young man as the music of "Bruce Springsteen" transformed his life.  His passion for Bruce and his poems went into his school work.  When his teacher, "Miss Clay" played by Hayley Atwell, who most none as "Peggy Carter" from the Captain America/Avengers movies, saw his work she encouraged him.  

The movie had many ups and downs but it had a very powerful ending, all to the music of "Bruce Springsteen".     

If you like movies that inspire you check out , "Blinded By The Light".


  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 117 mINUTES
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Blinded By The Light

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