Angel Has Fallen

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"Angel Is Fallen" is the third installment of a movie series which started with "Olympus Have Fallen" and then "London Has Fallen".    The first movies have grossed $385,000,000.   They aren't the biggest movies in the world but they have performed solidly. 

"Angel Has Fallen" is a fitting third installment to the series.   The movies center around Secret Service , "Mike Banning", played by Gerard Butler.   He and his wife "Leah" played by Piper Perabo have a beautiful baby girl and have settled into a quiet for someone who guards the President of the United States.   

While "President Allan Trumbull", played by Morgan Freeman  was out fishing he was attacked and everything in Mike Banning's life fell apart.  He was accused of setting up the attack by " FBI  Agent Thompson," played by Jada Pinkett Smith.   

From here everybody blamed Mike for everything which is typically what happens in these movies.   The movie featured  Danny Huston as  "Wade Jennings".  A former agent/operative type who is trying to make it in the Private sector.   

As the movie continued more and more bad guys came into the mix.   The movie was not as predicitable as some others  and features some great actors including Nick Nolte as "Clay Banning".    If you the series, "Angel Is Fallen" is a great third installment.

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Angel Has Fallen

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