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Human's play a game called "Hide and Seek" where one human hides and other humans seek them out.  I think my brother "Luke" likes the game because he always hides when Mom is looking for him.   

In the movie "Ready or Not" they play it more formally.  The movie starts with the wedding of "Alex Le Domas" played by Mark O Brien and "Grace" played by Samara Weaving .  Alex's crazy family featured his father,"Tony Le Domas" played by Henry Czerny, his Mother "Becky La Domas" played by Andie McDowell and assorted siblings including his drunken brother "Daniel" played by Adam Brody and some other crazies including Butler/Chauffeur "Stevens" played by John Ralston.   

After the wedding instead of a romantic wedding night Grace experienced playing a game of Hide and Seek with Alex's wacky family.   This version of Hide and Seek was for real.  If they caught her it would mean her death. 

The movie was very tense and had some great moments of comic relief.  The one thing that I noticed was  that on the estate there were no pet animals of any kind.  There were goats, which were kept in a barn, but their purpose was pretty gross.  We do not put spoilers in our reviews.

You never knew where the movie was going to go.  Parts of it were really wacky but the ending took us by surprize. 

 If you want to see a thriller with a touch of humour check out "Ready or Not".

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Ready or Not

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