IT Chapter Two

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"It Chapter Two"  was really not a great sequel.  Mom and I really don't like these types of movies .  The first "It" was  good retelling of the story.  But the second one could not find it's direction.  

The movie starts 27 years in the future.  We find an older "Beverly" played by Jessica Chastain married to a bad man.  "Bill", played by James McAlvoy is a successful writer.  "Richie" played by Bill Hader is a standup comic.  "Mike" played by Isaiah Mustafa worked in everyone's hometown, Derry , Maine.  "Ben" played by Jay Ryan lost his baby fat and was a rugged architect.  James Ransone played an older "Eddie Kaspbrak" .  

After some awful deaths all of the former kids headed back to "Derry" because "Pennywise" played by Bill Skarsgard, returned. The story deals with how these adults had to deal with their terror of their childhood.   The story should have showed how the adults regrouped and took care of "Pennywise" once and for all. 

Though the final battle was cool but it took over two hours to get there.  There was much time wasted in the movie.  I think if they could have just gotten to the point of destroying "Pennywise" it would have been a much better movie.

If you like horror movies "It Chapter Two" isn't bad.  But it's not as good as the first one but it's not horrible



  • Genre: Horror
  • Runtime: 169 Minutes
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IT Chapter Two

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