Official Secrets

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"Official Secrets" is based on a true story of "Katherine Gun" played by Kiera Knightley. . She was a low level government employee who came upon a top secret government memo showing how both the British and US Government were trying to get the United Nations to start a war in Iraq.   Instead of doing nothing she decided to leak it to a reporter.  Her paper did nothing with it so she shared it with a reporter with "The Observer " paper.   

When the story broke Katherine freaked out.  When her part in releasing the document was made public all the world reacted in a pretty strong way.  Matt Smith plays "Martin Bright", the reporter who wrote the story that hit the paper.  Also on the paper staff were "Peter Beaumont" played by Matthew Goode, "Editor Roger Alton" was played by Conleth Hill, and Rhys Ifans plays DC based reporter "Ed Vulliamy".

Adding to Katherine's challenges was her marriage to "Yasar Gun" played by Adam Bakri.  He was a muslim and dealing with deportation from the UK.  I liked how the movie showed their wonderful relationship.   

What "Katherine" had to indure while fighting for her freedom was amazing.  She had to take on the world to show the truth.  Helping in her fight was lawyer "Ben Emmerson" played by Ralph Fiennes and his staff.   

The ending of the movie was a total surprize.  What happened to Katherine was amazing.   This was the reason we gave it a high rating.   If you want to see a movie with a good story please check out "Official Secrets."


  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 112 Minutes
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Official Secrets

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