Rambo - Last Blood

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"Rambo - Last Blood' is an amazing testament to an American Legend, Sylvester Stallone.  You know many people when they reach 73 years of age move to Florida, put on baggy pants and essentially move into a quiet existence, one foot in the grave.   

What Sylvester Stallone did was resurrect his character, "John Rambo" and starred in "Rambo- Last Blood".    The first "First Blood" aka "Rambo" movie came out in 1982 and "Rambo III" came out in 1988.   "Rambo - Last Blood" hit the screen 33 years later.   

"John Rambo" in this movie is a weary, worn character who lived on a ranch where he worked with horses.   He lived there with "Maria Beltran" played by Adriana Bazarra who was kind of a housekeeper and "Gabrielle" played by Yvette Monreal who was kind of his ward.  They were all happy until "Gabrielle" goes to Mexico on a personal journey and things didn't work out.

What happened to her was sad and put John Rambo into action.   The movie featured alot of fighting .  John was quite busy fighting all of the bad guys.   And when things got nasty John brought the fight to his ranch.   

The movie featured things being blownup.  John against all of the bad guys.  And in the ending was pretty cool. 

 If you like shoot them up movies "Rambo- Last Blood" will fit the bill. 


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Rambo - Last Blood

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