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It seems like good actors tend to make crappy Sci Fi movies in the fall.  Mom and I think this is new tradition.  Last year Ryan Gosling , who has made some great movies like "The Notebook" and "La La Land" made the horrific  "First Man" was so boring and the soundtrack gave Mom and I a hectic.   

This year Brad Pitt, who has made such great movies as "Moneyball" and "Interview With A Vampire" came out with "Ad Astra".  Mom suspected from the trailer it might be bad, we were right.   

The movie starts with Brad Pitt, playing astronaut "Roy McBride" an astronaut who almost losing his life when he was return to earth .  From this assignment he takes on "The Lima Project" which went haywire. Heading the project was  "H. Clifford McBride" who happens to be Roy's father.    

Roy McBride is a very determined character who goes after his Father when "The Lima Project" threatens earth.   Roy's path to his father has many ups and downs.   

A summary of the movie on Wikipedia said the movie was supposed to be the most realistic space movie out there.  Do you know how that turned out - B O R I N G!!   

After Mom and I saw it we came home and watched a great movie about space, "The Martian."  Honestly if you want to watch a movie featuring Brad Pitt, watch "Money Ball" or "Meet Joe Black" .   He looked much prettier on those movies.   

If you want see a great movie about space save the movie ticket money and rent "The Martian".    Ad Astra was bad.


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Ad Astra

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