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, "Everest"

If you read my reviews you know that I am not into animated movies.  I wanted to see "Abominable."  Mom wasn't too thrilled.  We were both glad we saw it.   

The movie takes place in Shanghi, China.  The main character is a young girl named  "Yi" voiced by Chloe Bennett.  She lives with her Mother and "Nai Nai" in an apartment.  Her Father had died.  Living in he building are her friends "Jin" voiced by Tenzing Norgay Trainor and "Peng" voiced by Albert Tsai" 

"Yi's" life gets turned upside down when she was playing her violin on the roof of the apartment building and she discovers  a Yeti hiding out the roof of her building.  At first  "Yi" is afraid of him but they become friends and she names him "Everest."   

When "Yi" learns that "Everest" escaped from an evil lab she decides she has to get him back to Mt. Everest .   

The movie shows how determined "Yi" is get "Everest" home.   The story has many ups and downs .  Sometimes it looked like "Everest" was in trouble but the ending was cool.   

"Abominable" was enchanting and wonderful movie for the entire family.  


  • Runtime: 97 Minutes
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