Gemini Man

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"Gemini Man' is a movie that I have not been excited to see but when Mom and I watched it the movie took me by surprize.     

The movie stars Will Smith who plays seasoned hitman , "Henry Brogan" .  His life had some ups and downs but he did well for himself.  He had his enemies including "Clay Veris" played by Clive Owen.   Living with Clay was "Junior" a genetically engineered younger clone of "Henry".  

In the movie Henry is hunted by just about everyone.  Joining him in the adventure is "Danny Zakarweski" a shipyard manager/undercover agent played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.   

The entire movie was about Henry fighting everyone.  In addition to Danny Henry also got help from "Baron" played by Benedict Wong and "Jack Willis" played by Douglas Hodge.                      

The movie had many ups and downs but the story  kept the movie flowing.  Honestly when Mom and I saw the trailer we weren't not too impressed.  It was not a bad movie after all.   

If you are looking to a see a movie with lots of action "Gemini Man" wont' disappoint.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 117 mINUTES
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Gemini Man

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