Black and Blue

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"Black and Blue" is yet another cop movie where a cop goes against the system to save the day. It's an interesting story that's been done 1.000 times.   I think audiences have agreed because the movie has not made the money it cost to product it at the box office yet.  The people have spoken.   

"Black and Blue" is not a horrible movie .  It stars Naomi Harris who has worked in a number of great movies including playing "Eve Moneypenny" in the latest version of the James Bond movies.  She also has appeared in "Moonlight", and will be soon working on the next "Venom" movie. 

 In "Black and Blue" she plays "Alicia West".    A former soldier who became a cop in New Orleans.  On an evening patrol Alicia comes across two young men being killed execution style.  The killers happened to be cops.   

The movie is about how "Alicia" tries to flush out the bad guys.  She is working against the system. It seems like everyone in the world was trying to kill her.   

The movie also stars former model and action actor  Tyrese Gibson as a "Milo Mouse Jackson".  He is the Manager of the convenience store.   The bad guys are played by Frank Grillo who plays "Terry Malone".  "Officer Deacon Brown" is played by James Moses Black.  Most of the cast  are unknowns.   

The end of the movie is also predictable but you could guess that.  If you like cop dramas I would wait until this movie comes out on DVD.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 108 Minutes
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Black and Blue

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