Ford Vs. Ferrari

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"Ford vs Ferrari" is a movie that is based on a true story.  The movie features "Carol Shelby" a race car driver and car designer.  He caught the attention of "Henry Ford The 2nd" played by Tracy Letts and "Lee Iacocca" played by Jon Bernthal.   "Lee Iacocca" came to him with the idea of creating a ford race car that would win at "Le mans". 

A car race in France.  This race was dominated by Ferrari.  The movie focused on "Carol Shelby" played by Matt Damon with the aid of "Ken Miles" played by Christian Bale.   The movie really gave a great look at what it was like.   

Ken and Carol had to deal with "The Ford Motor Company". A pain in their side was Executive "Leon Beebe" played by Josh Lucas.  He didn't like Ken Miles because he was not a "Ford Man."

The movie showed how "Carol Shelby" and "Ken Miles" developed a friendship.  Joining the group was Ken's wife, "Mollie " played by Caitriona Balfe and his son "Peter" played by Noah Jupe. The story was never sugar coated but it was very real.   

This movie is the first great movie Matt Damon has been apart of since "The Martian".  It's a really great movie with a great story and wonderful performances. 

 The ending was really sad but wonderful.  "Ford vs Ferrari" is a movie worth seeing.



  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 152 Minutes
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Ford Vs. Ferrari

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