The Good Liar

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The Good Liar is a movie that you don't see everyday.  First of all the cast is not some young things prancing around in almost no clothing like in latest version of "Charlie's Angels".  This cast features Helen Mirren, who won the Best Actress oscar for playing Queen Elizabeth The Second in "The Queen" .  Ian McKellen was nominated for two Academy Awards but never won. 

Together they play in a complicated drama called "The Good Liar."  I this movie Helen Mirren plays "Betty McLeish", a widow was looking a companion on the internet.  Through an dating website she meets "Roy Courtnay" played by Ian McKellen.   

He turns out to be a bit of a con artist and the movie is a bit of a cat and a mouse game.  In the end the tables were turned in away you would never suspect.  It was entertaining in a way that you would never expect.

The way the plot was set up was very surprizing.  There were many ups and downs and the ending was really surprizing.   I would leave more clues here but we do not have spoilers in our reviews.

  If you enjoy dramas and thrillers "The Good Liar" is a great movie.




  • Runtime: 109 MInutes
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The Good Liar

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