21 Bridges

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"21 Bridges" is a movie with a great actor in the lead.  Chadwick Boseman, hot off of his performance in "Avengers End Game."  In the movie "21 Bridges" he plays Andre Davis . A cop who is out to find a cop killer.   

Andre's life has been has had experience with the subject since his Father was killed by a suspected killer in the line of duty.  This movie features a series of deaths and Andre's solution is to shutdown Manhattan's 21 Bridges.   

The movie features Andre going after the villians.  He is joined by fellow officer, "Frankie Miller" played by Sienna Miller.   

The movie features many ups and downs but it is predictable.  After Mom and I saw the movies we looked up a movie called "16 Blocks".  In that one Bruce Willis plays a cop taking a witness to a trial in the court building which I think was 16 Blocks away. 

 This movie was more of the same.  The villians were played by Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James who are both good actors but the story was predictable.


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21 Bridges

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