The Irishman

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"The Irishman" is a movie that stars some of the best actors ever created by man.  The movie stars Robert Deniro as "Frank Sheeran".  He started as a truck driver but became a hit man for "Russell Bufalino" played by Joe Pesci, who came out of retirement to play the role. 

 I first of all do not understand why in movies involving people of Italian heritage always end up killing each other. 

Al Pacino plays "Jimmy Hoffa", head of the Teamsters union who got involved with 
"Bufalino".  Playing "Bill Bufalino" is Ray Romano.    Also featured in the movie is Bobby Canavalle, Anna Paquin, and Jack Huston.   

The movie is violent just like many Martin Scorcese movies of the past.  I thought it was too violent.  It of course is getting an Oscar buzz but honestly if the movie was that good would they promote it streaming on Netflix?'

It's not like "The Irishman" is a bad movie.  It just is more of the same.





  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 209 Minutes
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The Irishman

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