Its A Beautiful Day In The Neigborhood

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Its not everyday Mom and I see a movie where Mom knew the main character in real life.  The movie "A Beautiful Day  In The Neighborhood" features a day in the life of  "Mr. Rogers" played by Tom Hanks.     

In the movie  Mr. Rogers helps journalist "Lloyd Vogel" played by Matthew Rhys.  He is a husband and a father but has issues he needs to deal with in his life.   In the movie "Mr..Rogers" is the subject of a feature article in Esquire Magazine which Lloyd is writing.  I

In preparing for the article Lloyd spends time with Mr. Rogers and he starts to deal with things in his life.  The movie features Fred Rogers almost like a supernatural presence rather than a real character.    It was like he was a super hero.   

The movie didn't really give you a feel for what Fred Rogers was like.  It skimmed over the top. In the movie Fred Roger's wife "Joanne" didn't have one speaking line.    Mom said the real life Joanne Rogers is a very warm and articulate woman.     This movie does not give a true look at Fred Rogers. 

 Mom and I saw "Won't You Be My Neighbor" last year.  It is a documentary that celebrate's Fred Roger's life.  It should have been nominated for an Oscar but it wasn't.   

 It's not that "Its A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" is a bad movie but it could have been great with the cast featured in the movie but it wasn't.  


  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 109 MInutes
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Its A Beautiful Day In The Neigborhood

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