Knives Out

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"Knives Out" is a great Whodunit with so many twists and turns .  The story centers around the family of "Harlan Thrombey" played by Christopher Plummer.    He was reknown author with many mystery best sellers.

When "Harlan" is found dead it starts a series of events involving the family.  The matriarch of the family is "Linda Drysdale"  who is Harlan's oldest daughter played by Jamie Lee Curtis.  Her husband "Richard" played by Don Johnson seems like a leech.   Their son is "Ransom Drysdale" played by Chris Evans.  His character is kind of a jerk.   The family also features Michael Shannon who plays Harlan's oldest son "Walt Thrombey".   His wife is "Donna" played by Rlki Lindhome.  His son is "Jacob " played by Jaeden Martell, who most recently seen in the "It" movies.   

Also in the mix is "Joni Thrombey" , played by Toni Collette, who is the widow of one of Harlan's son.  Her daughter "Meg" played by Katherine Langford was involved in the plot.  One of our favorite characters was "Greatnana Wanetta" played by K Callan.  She looked like she was 100 years old.   

The man charged with unraveling the mystery was "Benoit Blanc" played by Daniel Craig . He was joined by "Lieutenant Elliot" played by LaKeith Stanfield.   Also involved in the story was the nurse "Marta Carbrera" played by Ana de Armas who played Harlan's nurse. 

The story had so many twists and turns it was hard to figure out which is what made it such a great movie.  Everyone played their parts well.    The one thing missing would be a cat but you can't have everything.




  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 130 Minutes
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Knives Out

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