Dark Waters

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"Dark Waters' is based ion a true story of a town in Parkersburg, West Virginia. " Robert Bilott" played by Mark Ruffalo was an attorney, whose Grandmother lived in Parkersburg is a corporate attorney working with corporations.   

 This changed when farmer, "William Tennant" played Bill Camp came to his firm, Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP,  in Cincinatti and requested his help.  Mr. Tennant was a friend of of Rob's Grandmother.   

When Robert  visited William Tennant's farm he discovered that most of his animals were infected.   William says that just about all of his cows were put to sleep.   

When Robert investigated further he discovered that "Dupont Corporation" bought his brother's farm, when he was diagnozed with cancer.  "Dupont" dumped all of their toxic chemicals at the property and that's where his problems began.

When "Robert" started his investigation he started unearthing all of these problems that Dupont Corporation had caused in Parkersburg.   Robert was supported by Taft Managing Partner, "Tom Terp" played by Tim Robbins.     

Anne Hathaway plays Robert's wife "Sarah"who was supportive in the project.   Other infected families included "Darlene Kiger" played by Mare Winningham.  Robert also had deal with the town of Parkersburg who was upset with him pointing a finger at "Dupont". 

The movie exposed so many problems that heppaned because the Teflon  product produced in Parkersburg hurt people.     

To see how badly this pollution effected the humans and the animals really made me sad.  

Mark Ruffalo gives an Oscar worthy performance so we will keep our fingers crossed.  "Dark Waters is a movie worth seeing".


  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 126 Minutes
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Dark Waters

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