Uncut Gems

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"Uncut Gems" is a movie that is going to get alot of attention for possible Oscar nominations.  Mom and I watched it and we disagree. 

Adam Sandler plays "Howard Ratner" .  A high profile jeweler who gambles too much and doesn't have his priorties together.  Indina Menzel plays his wife "Dinah".  He also has three children.  This is good.  No pets though which is a good thing.

Howard has a jewelry showroom in NYC diamond district.   The room was frequently visited by tough guys who were collecting on the bets that Howard made that went bad.  They seemed to show up at the most inconvenient times.  Doing some really bad things but that be a spoiler.   

One of the thing that Howard acquired an uncut opal gem.  When his colleague  "Demany" played by LaKeith Stanfield introduced him to NBA ball player "Kevin Garnett" who played himself  he showed him the opal and things went down hill from here.

The movie was very depressing and gritty.  Howard had to deal with his mistress, his family and money problems. 

If you like movies like "The Irishman" this movie might be your cup of tea but it wasnt ours.


  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 135 Minutes
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Uncut Gems

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