Spies In Disguise

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"Spies In Disguise" is an animated film that came out for the holidays.    The voices featured is Tom Holland who has most known for the latest version of "Spiderman" is "Walter".  He is a nerd who creates crazy gadgets to go after the bad guys.     

The spy he associates with "Lance Sterling" voiced by Will Smith.  He's an animated version of "James Bond" who takes care of everything.   

Also casted was Reba McIntyre who plays "Joyless".  The head of the spy agency.  The arch villian was "Killian" voiced by Ben Mendelsohn steals "Lance's  identity and the agency goes against him. 

 The movie had many ups and downs.  Along the way "Lance" gets turned into a Pidgeon and makes some fun winged friends.   

"Killian" also has a who company of drones who goes after the characters.

"Spies In Disguise" is a nice animated movie.  Nothing great. But entertaining.


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Spies In Disguise

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