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Matthew McConaughey did not have a good 2019.  First that awful movie "Serenity" opened which inspite of starring himself and Anne Hathaway barely made any money at the box office.  Later in the year he released "Beach Bum" which was so bad Mom and I couldn't finish it. Together they barely made $20 million which is really sad.   

Well hopefully 2020 will be a better year because Matthew McConaughey's first release of the year, "The Gentlemen" is a great movie.   

The movie stars Mr. McConaughey as "Mickey Pearson".  An American who created a marijuana empire in the UK.  Michelle Pearson stars as Mickey's wife "Rosalind".   She is as tough as Mickey and quite frankly pretty doing it.  Charlie Hunnan plays Mickey's right hand, "Ray".   He was a tough guy who lived in a nice home and had brains as well as muscle.   

Hugh Grant who usually plays aristocrats gives one of the best performance's of his career playin the low life journalist/black mailer, "Fletcher".  He was a total slime bag as he forced himself into Ray's home and unravel his theories.   The movie also featured Henry Golding playing "Dry Eye", Colin Farrell as "Coach" and Jeremy Strong as "Matthew".   

Director Guy Ritchie weaves a story with many twists and turns.   The ending was amazing.  Not what Mom and I expected.   

If you want to see a movie that can take you by surprize, check out "The Gentlemen."



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The Gentlemen

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