Sonic The Hedgehog

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Sonic The Hedgehog is a movie that surprized me.  It is based on a video game.   The hero of our story is "Sonic" is voiced by Ben Schwartz.   "Sonic" lives on a tranquil island until his power is discovered and using some magical rings given to him by "Longclaw" voiced by Donna Jay Fulks he ends up in a small town in North America.   

While there he befriends a police officer named "Tom Wachowski" played by James Marsden.  While his wife "Maddie" played by Tika Sumpter was in San Francisco the two were visited by villian "Dr.Ivo Robotnik" played by Jim Carrey who was looking to capture "Sonic" to harness his power. 

The movie had some interesting ups and downs.   What I liked how Tom's and Sonic's relationship grew as they fought Ivo.  The ending was pretty good too so if you like to be entertained check out "Sonic The Hedgehog". 

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Sonic The Hedgehog

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