The High Note

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"The High Note" is the second movie released by Universal Pictures this year.  "Trolls World Tour" was the first.   Mom and I first found out about the movie from my Aunt Amy.  Her and husband Dennis watched it.  So we did and it was really cute.   

"The High Note" features Dakota Fanning as "Maggie Sherwood".  The personal assistant of Superstar, "Grace Davis" played by Tracee Ellis Ross.  Maggie's dream is to be a record producer.

During the day Maggie worked taking care of Grace. At night she worked on remixing her work and waiting for her big break.   Along the way she meets an inspiring singer named "David Cliff" played by Kelvin Harrison Jr.  Maggie comes up with great ideas for improving his sound.   

Her main quest in her life is taking care of Grace.  Maggie seemed to guess Grace's moves in advance.   When Maggie worked David she was able to mix and capture his sound to showcase his voice.   

The movie had many ups and downs as Maggie juggles everyone but the end result was very entertaining.  The ending was surprizing and the movie was excellent. 

One thing that was interesting is that Tracee Ellis Ross did her own singing and it was the first time she really sand in public.  She did a great job.  But it is not  surprizing since her Mother happens to be legendary singer "Diana Ross".   

If you want to watch a movie that is totally enjoyable check out   "The High Note"..


  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 1113 Minutes
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The High Note

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