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"Artemis Fowl" is one of the first movies Disney is presenting on demand.   The movie is directed by Actor/Director Kenneth Branagh who has directed such great movis as "Thor", "Murder on The Orient Express" and  an even "Hamlet" , which of course played the title role of "Hamlet".

The movie stars newcomer Ferdia Shaw as "Artemis Fowl".   His Grandfather was actually legendary actor, Robert Shaw, who was best known for his role of "Quint" in the movie "Jaws". 

The story of the movie centers around the relationship between between him and his father, "Artemis Fowl Sr." played by Colin Farrell.  Also involved his mentor " Domovoi Butler" played by Nonso Anozie . When Artemis Fowl Sr. goes missing Artemis Jr. and Butler are joined by allies fairy "Holly Short" played by Lara McDonnell and "Mulch Diggums" played Josh Gad.  Judi Dench lends her talents to the role of "Commander Root".

The movie deals with how the world of humans acts towards the world of fairies.  It's kind of an interesting mix.  The movie does work on many levels but we feel it may to be too sophisticated for kids to understand.   

The villians of the movie were not clearly defined but the ending was good.  "Artemis Fowl" is similar to James Bond, a younger version.   It is a cute movie but if you are looking for a movie lke "Frozen", keep looking though Josh Gad does play "Olaf: in the series   LOL


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Artemis Fowl

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