The Inheritance

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"The Inheritance" is a movie that we recently watched.   The one thing about streaming is that even a small film can find it's audience.  "The Inheritance" is a movie that came from a small company but has a good cast. 

The movie centers around the death of the Monroe Family Patriarch, "Archer Monroe" played by Patrick Warbuton.  After his death his daughter "Lauren Monroe" played by Lily Collins gets a special gift for as part of her inheritance, a man named "Morgan Warner" played by Simon Pegg who was kept in an underground bunker as a prisoner by her father. 

Morgan and Lauren's relationship was very strained as you can imagine but as the story unravels the levels of deception.  The web keeps getting deeper and deeper as secrets from the past that were thought to be buried were surfacing.   

In addition Ms. Collins the movie features Connie Nielsen as "Catherine Monroe" Archer's widow.  Chace Crawford plays Lauren's brother 'William Monroe. Michael Beach is also featured in the cast. 

The moviehas an interesting story.  Nothing Oscar worthy but it is entertaining and the ending is surprizing.  I am glad there no pets in the movie.  





  • Genre: Horror
  • Runtime: 1111 Minutes
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The Inheritance

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