The Big Ugly

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"The Big Ugly" looked intriguing to Mom when we saw that it had opened. It starred Ron Perlman who has starred in movies like "Hellboy" and the TV series "Beauty and The Beast".  It also starred Malcolm McDowell who appeared in "A Clockwork Orange", "Bombshell", and "Time After Time."

Well just because made good movies in the past does not mean you are currently making good movies.  "The Big Ugly" is true to it's name. 

The movie follows a group of English Gangsters who come to West Virginia to launder some dirty money into an oil operation.  Ron Perlman plays "Preston", an oil man who needing funding.  Malcolm McDowell plays "Harris" the gangster.  Vinnie Jones plays "Neelyn" right hand.  Also long for the ride is "Fiona" played by Lenora Critchlow and "Jackie" played by Elyse Levesque.  When Fiona goes off with Preston's son "Junior" played by Brandon Sklenar and the story goes stupid.  The film also stars Leven Rambin who Mom and I saw originally in "The Hunger Games" and she has not aged well.  Veteran character actor Bruce McGill also stars in the movie.

The movie really is alot of violence with very little storyline.  We kept hoping it would get better but didn't get there.  The ending was pretty predictable and kind of stupid.



  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 106 Minutes
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The Big Ugly

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