Hello World, My Name Is Bella!!

My Story

Sometimes how we enter into this world can help with what you love to do with your life.  Being a cat and loving movies is a hard thing to do.  But I love movies and becoming a movie reviewer is not the easiest choice but here I am.       

My name is Bella, actually Bellatrix LaStrange.  What can I say , my Mom loves Harry Potter movies.   I am nervous, now that JK Rowling might charge me a royality for my name now that I am telling my story.   I actually have a Sister named Hermonie and a brother named Neville.   I had a brother. Harry Potter, but he died when I came home.

I was adopted by my Mom a year ago.   I was living at  Petco store in Homestead.  My  Mom visited me me three times before she brought me home.  She was surprized no one adopted me but you see I have one good eye that works and a crazy tail.   It was really short when I was two months old.   I was such a cute kitten.

When I come home I started falling in love with the movies, because my Mom was always watching them when she was home.    Perhaps I would have wanted to be a sportscaster if my Mom loved sports.  But I haven't seen any cats becoming a sportscaster.

Even though my Mom has some connections she didn't think they would hire me at our main newspaper in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.   So thats what Mom and I put together my website, bellagoestothemovies.com.  The site will feature me reviewing the latest movies and new video releases.  I also will let you know about some cool movies you might have missed that you should see.

I will put out my opinions about movies , life, etc..    I also want to start  a foundation to help cats, dogs, and bunnies in need!!

Thanks for checking in!!

Thanks so much,




Animal Rights

How Come Animals Are Not Stars

I was watching The Wizard of Oz. I personally think "Toto" should be a cat.  But I guess casting would not work.

The one thing I noticed was that Toto got a credit in the movie.  "Toto"s real name is Terry.   Why didn't Katniss Everdeen's cat in the movie have a credit?  And while we are at it, I could understand the cat was not looking great when she was struggling.  But when the family moved to the Victor's Village, you think she could bought a brush or comb.  The Hunger games series is really great, my species wants to be represented.

The one thing about today's movies is that most of the animals don't even get a credit.   It's not easy to be animal in a movie.  We should command some respect.

Being a four footed feline I think we deserve the credit for the work and on the screen!

 Bella signing off!







Let Me Tell You About My family

Luke Skywalker Friedman

Did I tell you about my brother Luke?   Honestly, ever since Mom and I started this blog he’s been watching more movies and has started to try to steal the limelight.   I’m kidding.

Lukey is pretty cool. He can be a bit of a snob since he’s the only official “purebred” in the bunch. Let’s face it, Mom named me after a snooty and mean Harry Potter character who only believed in “pureblood wizards.” Im going to have to have a chat about Mom about this sometime.

Luke has a weird paw, it’s bent. When he was born his Mom had too many kittens and Luke had difficulty getting out. He’s a Bengal. I think he’s cute but I don’t date my brothers. Not cool.

He was watching Dolphin Tale 2.   I really like that movie too. It’s funny to see how the kids grew up from the last one. I personally love Harry Connick Jr. Luke was really getting into it. I think he secretly likes Winter.

If you are looking for something wonderful to watch with your kids the original Dolphin Tale and the sequel make for a great time for all. I was just a kitten when Dolphin Tale 2 came out. I wasn’t born when the first one was out but I have watched both since and loved them.

Luke is looking forward to the Star Wars movies.   He was named after Luke Skywalker because Mom thought she might have to remove his weird paw after he was born. He actually uses it.

Well That’s All For Now

Bella Goes To The Movies, It’s Not Just About the Movies, It’s about saving lives!

Bella 101

Heres my Story Part 2

If you look at me, I am kind of a mess

Listen, I know I am cute but I only have one eye,

My tail is short and stubby plus my colors don’t match. Im a black and white cat, but not a true tuxedo cat.

But sometimes being different is a great thing.

I feel lucky I found a home but there are many cats, who are disabled, who aren’t as lucky yet.   If there is one thing I hope to show you humans, it’s to give dogs and cats with disabilities a chance. It’s not our fault that one of our legs might be gone, or that we don’t have two eyes. Sometimes we are deaf or totally blind. It doesn’t make us bad pets to take home. I think it makes us special pets.

My Mom and I talked and we want to start a foundation to help all abandoned pets of the world find homes. The best way is to do this is raise money for shelters, especially those in need, because that’s the best way to help these animals find homes, like I did.

We feel that Bella Goes To The Movies is not just about the movies, It’s about saving lives!!

Stay Tuned!!

Katniss and Bella


I was watching all of the Hungers Gams movies this weekend.  They are all on cable now.  I had seen them before and I must say that I have alot in common with Katniss Everdeen.

1.  We Are Both Courageus -  Katniss had to battle bigger tributes to win her Hunger Games.   Being a one eyed cat I have to battle to get my voice out everyday.

2.  We are Both Cute-  Alright Katniss is really pretty.  That's because Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who plays Katniss is pretty.  I am cute.  I have a unusal coat , not your typical tuxedo so it's almost designer.

3.  We both care about our familiies and like to protect them.   She is always protecting everyone she loves.  I do too.

The one thing I love about the Hunger Games series that it's all about fighting evil and making a difference.  I can relate to do that too.

I am looking to the final installment of Mockingjay.



Hot Cat In The City

Inside Watching Movies

The weather has been so hot lately I have  been inside watching movies.    Here are some great choices I have seen lately.

Woman In Gold  
This is the amazing story of Maria Altman who risked everything to retrieve a painting the  Nazis stole from her family during World War 2.  Helen Mirren was great as Maria.  I've liked her since she played Dean Hardscrabble in Monsters University.   Ryan Reynolds did a great job too.  The ending is amazing so you should enjoy it.

Ex Machina                                                                                                         This movie is about a machine that becomes real.  It was kind of different.  Oscar Isaac from Inside Lleywn Davis.  The story is a bit strange but I loved the house.  It was really futuristic.   I thought the ending was kind of sad but it was interesting.   I thought if they had a cat as a  pet it would have been better.

Home                                                                                                                                                Its The Story of a little girl who survives an alien attach and with the help of a new friend goes on an an adventure to find her Mom.  It was cute and the songs were really good.

Some other good movies that I saw recently were Insurgent, I love those sci-fi epics,  and Unfriended, that last one really scared me alot.

That's all  for now!!  Bella signing off!!







How Bella Writes Her Reviews

Keyboard Tricks

You might wonder how I write my reviews  and articles.   Microsoft Translator helps. My Mom does help me but I try to use Micrsoft Translator.   It's only draw back is that it doesn't do a great job translating cat.   I am try to meow and talk like I am speaking words but it isn't easy.  That's why many of my articles have typos.  I must admit Mom isnt the best speller either.

The ecret is to keep everything simple and basic.   I have even learned to copy and psste using a mouse   Its easier than using the keyboard.  Having one eye sometimes my coordination is great so my Jasper helps.  He's bigger and has big paws.

the whole point of this website is to  have articles and reviews up from my perspective.  Most cats don't use computers or watch movies professionally.   I am a rare breed.   

Thanks for checking


Bella goes to the movies.  It's not just about the movies, it's about saving lives.

Educating My Mom

R Rated Movies Are not Horrible!!

Educating My Mom

If there is one thing and Mom and I dont agree on it's me seeing R Rated Movies.  I am 18 months old in human years which means I am over 18 years old in cat years.  That makes me an adult.  At  18 years old I could vote, but Ihavent registered yet.  I could legally drive  (Im too short and cant reach the car pedals).  I could even go on the big rides at Kennywood Park (Actually I am too short to go on them too).  

"No Escape" is opening this week. It's Rated R but it's about a Military Coup not anything scary.  I hear it has some scary parts but I can cover my eyes. That's what I usually do.

It's geared for adults.  We usually focus on family movies but I still think it's important.  We didn't see "Straight Outta Compton", which I wanted to see.  I am partially black and I think its important to find out about my roots.

If you could add a comment encouraging Mom to take me to the movie that would help.   I have seen R Rated movies like "American Ultra".  I watched  "The Kingsmen" on pay per view.   I can't wait for Mom to get that bill..

Thank you for your support, Bella."



Lack Of Cats

Not Enough Movies With Cats In Them

After Mom and I saw "No Escape", I realized there are not enough movies with cats in them.  Of course, I wouldn't want to be featured in that movie but in general there are not enough cat roles out there.

I also think we are stereotyped sometimes I recently saw "Ratatouille"and just because "Gaston " was a mouse, did the cats have to be the villian? I also watched a few other movies and we barely had walk on parts.  There was a cat in "Baggage Claim" ,who just had a one scene walk through.  In other movies we are non-existent.  Plus we don't get any recognition in the credits.

I just think that sometimes we just don't get to put our best "paw" forward. In  looking at new movies coming up It doesn't look like any of them are going to feature cats.  Can you imagine someone  bringing a cat while they are climbing a mountain in"Everest"?  No I don't think you would find a cat at the basecamp.  I doubt you would find a cat in "Maze Runner- Scorch Trials", since there was a plague in the future and many peopled died.  
I know to you humans this might not be  a big deal.  But I do like seeing my fellow felines up on the Silver Screen. 

That's all for now.  Bella Out!!

Happy Birthday Michael Keaton

The Birdman Is One Year Older

Mom and I did my first submission on IMDB for a review today and we noticed Michael Keaton is having a birthday today.   When Mom told me she has met him and knows some of his family I was impressed.

I watched "Birdman", his most famous recent work last weekend and it was really good.  I and Mom thought he should have won the Oscar for Best Acor but you can't everything right.

Mom and I also have watched "Beetlejuice" recently. I loved it.  I think it would have been a better movie with a cat in it.  Also Batman.  I like Christina Bale but Michael Keaton did a great job too.  Mom said he has done so many great movies we are going to watch more of them, which is great.

Mom and I want to wish Michael Keaton a happy birthday from Pittsbirgh.  and Michael if you ever want to adopt a cat for a couple of weeks I would love to volunteer.   Mom might have to come along because she is lost without me.

Happy Birthday from Bella!!


Introducing LUke SKywalker Friedman Movie Reviewer

Sometimes Two Eyes are Better Than One

We are going to see "The Martian" tonight.  Ever since Mom and I started talking about going to see the movie my older brother, Lukey, aka Luke Skywalker Friedman, said he wanted to come.  Besides being named after a legendary character from  "Star Wars, Luke is a really loves Science Fiction.
 He's always watching something on TV. If he wasn't so little he would be a real "couch potato".   I think we could call him a "couch spud".

So Luke is going to come to "The Martian " tonight.   Mom is not sure how she can fit all of us into the bag she brings me into the theater in .   She might get another bag to help.  Maybe a back pack liked they used in "Everest."

Luke by the way only has one good paw.  He has one that is permanently  bent so he is a kind of a special needs cat like me.  Just because I have one eye really dosent make me Special Needs though I am special.

I am excited about seeing "The Martian".  I really like Matt Damon but it is the studio that released "Fantastic Four".  This movie has some of the same cast members so hopefully they do better on this one.

We will know tonight!!

Two Cats Aren't The Easiest Thing To Bring To The Movies

Sometimes is better to leave your brother at home

It's hard to be a cat and go to the movies.  Any public place.   Most places let service animals in but whens the last time you saw a "Seeing Eye Cat."  Not very likely.    

At the movies you have to be cool.   If you are a cat you don't want to do the following

1   Do not Meow at the movies.  It calls too much attention to yourself and then all those people compalin there is a cat.  They start acting like I am carrying a disease because they are allergic.   Keeping it quiet is better.

2.  Dont move around too much.  It calls attention to yourself.   People can guess there is a four footed pet on the seat.

3.  Dont eat other peoples food.   People do not like when you start sniffing around your popcorn.  That 's why my brother Jasper cant come to the movies.

My brother Lukey was a bit loud.  Especially when the trailers came on.  I am so glad they didnt play Star Wars he would have freaked out.   I was so worried we were going to get caught but we made it but I am going to make sure  he is on some kitty valium when we go see Star Wars.

Bella out for now.

The Walk

I Think This One Was Made For Cats

The Walk

Mom and are looking at the movies opening this week and we are  having an argument.   She thinks we should see "Pan" and I think we should see "The Walk".   I think shes  alittle scared of "The Walk" because it's about  Phillipe Petit and his daring walk on wire between the World Trade Centers. The word out is that it's so realistic in 3D that people haev been throwing up in the theaters from motion sickness.   Honestly a cat wouldn't do that.

I only have one eye so I dont think I would be hurt by it.   I would bring Luke but he needs to work on his people skills after "The Martain".  Way too crazy for a movie theater.   I think he might be up to speed for Star Wars..  

I think "Pan" would be okay but I think this is the tenth version of the story.  The first was made in 1924.  I didn't even include Steven Spielberg's "Hook"  in this number either.  "The Walk is something new.

I guess you will find out on Thursday night to see what we did!


Not Enough Good Cat Actors OUt There

Maybe I Should Hire An Agent

I found out today from Mom that there are some very famous people making a movie here in my hometown of Pittsburgh.  Ewan MacGregor, who is a great actor, is directing a movie with Jennifer Connelly .  The more I thought of it the more I thought I might have Mom call the extras hotline to see if they needed any cats.

She informed me that most animals are trained and it would be hard to break into the business.  Not that it would discourage me.  Then I realized that most movie cats have two eyes, not one like me and I am better off doing what I do on my website to promote movies and hopefully show that cats with disabilities are worth having around.

One of hte projects Mom and I want to get started bu the end of this year is to get a foundation created that can aid shelters that are failing.  If a shelter fails in a community that means there is less space to place cats, dogs and bunnies for adoption.  The more shelters and rescue organizations a community can have, the better.   

Stay Tuned for More Infromation

Bella Out!


Bella Has A Dream

Confessions Of A Former Shelter Cat

As you know my start in life wasn't that great.  I was born on the streets of Pittsburgh.  I hurt my eye and ended up disabled and homeless.   If it wasnt for the kind folks of the   "Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh" I might have died or still be out on thes streets.

As long are there are Animal Shelters around there is hope.  But there are way many more animals out there than there is room at the shelters in most cities.  Many animals , if not adopted in time, have to be killed.  I sometimes think if Mom hadn't adopted me that could have been me.  But now that I hae a good home, wait Mom made me say a "Great Home!"  I would like to help others.

Mom and I have a dream of starting a foundation dedicated to helping Animal Shelters in crisis.  The foundation would raise money to give these shelters a helping hand plus provide education and  business mentors via a program called   "S.C.O.R.E:" so they can have guidance on how to run their shelters so they can stay afloat.

When one shelter goes under so many animals end up homeless.  Being a former homeless cat I would like to keep as many shelters open for business as possible.   If you want more information email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..    I believe if we all pull together we can  help change the world., one shelter at time!!