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Sometimes how we enter into this world can help with what you love to do with your life.  Being a cat and loving movies is a hard thing to do.  But I love movies and becoming a movie reviewer is not the easiest choice but here I am.       

My name is Bella, actually Bellatrix LaStrange.  What can I say , my Mom loves Harry Potter movies.   I am nervous, now that JK Rowling might charge me a royality for my name now that I am telling my story.   I actually have a Sister named Hermonie and a brother named Neville.   I had a brother. Harry Potter, but he died when I came home.

I was adopted by my Mom a year ago.   I was living at  Petco store in Homestead.  My  Mom visited me me three times before she brought me home.  She was surprized no one adopted me but you see I have one good eye that works and a crazy tail.   It was really short when I was two months old.   I was such a cute kitten.

When I come home I started falling in love with the movies, because my Mom was always watching them when she was home.    Perhaps I would have wanted to be a sportscaster if my Mom loved sports.  But I haven't seen any cats becoming a sportscaster.

Even though my Mom has some connections she didn't think they would hire me at our main newspaper in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.   So thats what Mom and I put together my website, bellagoestothemovies.com.  The site will feature me reviewing the latest movies and new video releases.  I also will let you know about some cool movies you might have missed that you should see.

I will put out my opinions about movies , life, etc..    I also want to start  a foundation to help cats, dogs, and bunnies in need!!

Thanks for checking in!!

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